ILCS Photo Page ii 08/09

Celebrating Traditions at ILCS

Better window May 8, 2009

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Art students create wonderful art on the doors in the school.


Lumbering down April 28, 2009

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During the Spring Break workers came in and removed trees, a fence and are in the process of landscaping the grounds.


Cat’s Pajama’s December 16, 2008

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It is spirit week and Tuesday is “the Night Before Christmas, wear your p.j.s day” It is also typing class powerpoint presentation — this student is presenting Serval Cat


Trick or Flowers October 21, 2008

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Ms. Rusch, Teacher Assistant, brought in some lovely flowers and Ms. Currier, Reading Specialist, brought in a lovely graveyard décor for the library window display.


Toon- meister October 16, 2008

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Part of Nick’s work study includes illustrating a picture book.


Putting to motion September 12, 2008

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It is hard to keep a middle schooler still, even during an election. Students collected signatures, gave speeches, registered to vote, and learned how to do their civic duty.


Production September 1, 2008

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The garden started last spring, is bountiful in the fall.