ILCS Photo Page ii 08/09

Celebrating Traditions at ILCS

Page Down February 27, 2009

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Not sure when will be back, but for now it is down. When there is a activities schedule, it will appear here.


A Healthy Read February 25, 2009

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Nurse Ellinthorpe volunteered to read to the kindergarteners. She brought in books she read as a child and books she had read to her children.


The Challenge is on

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The March Reading Change is about to start — hence an empty report board. Soon there will be student lists with pages read by each student.


Musical Colors

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The kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes were practicing color identification by listening to a song about colors.


Threes February 11, 2009

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The Elementary Team presented to the School Board on Tuesday. Here Ms. Norris discusses the third grade.