ILCS Photo Page ii 08/09

Celebrating Traditions at ILCS

The Interview November 25, 2008

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Students in Mr. Mazzone’s 8th grade social studies class were doing a project on the captain’s of industry. Part of the presentation was an oral presentation.


Native paper

Thanksgiving is that traditional time when the Natives of the Kindergarten waste no part of the paper bag, after bringing home the thanksgiving meal, they then make clothing.


Hardcourt and fastbreaks November 21, 2008

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Basketball has started.


The best chance

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Two for a dollar, that is the price. Contestants attempt to throw a ‘spirit ball’ into a bucket halfway across the court, during the basketball game half times. During the first half of varsity and modified games the spirit balls are sold. The game of chance is a fundraiser for the IL PTSO.



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Fruit Bowl Friday is very popular. It involves a healthy snack and visit to the friendly guidance office for high school students. The snack is organized by the Student Council.

Photo by: Ms. L Bennett


Putting a seed in the mind November 19, 2008

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The Food & Nutrition class came into the elementary lunch room to ‘gut’ a pumpkin so they would have some seeds to bake. — that was the photographer’s interpretation.

The Food & Nutrition class is demonstrating how a pumpkin pie is made from scratch. This is to show the students how the pilgrims cooked their food.


Pah EYE! November 18, 2008

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At the performance of “Re-Live” the junior class held two fundraisers: A pie sale (shown) and the sale of a commemorative stamp cancellation.