ILCS Photo Page ii 08/09

Celebrating Traditions at ILCS

Subtle Starlet October 31, 2008

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Halloween gives students a chance to be creative, and break out of the modes people perceive them as. . .


Can’t lose with Clifford October 30, 2008

ILCS Superintendent Mr. Brand reads to the first graders. He read a story about Clifford the dog — a class favorite. And the fact it was about Clifford’s first Halloween, on October 30, 2008, very timely.


Jimmy Jam

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Day four of Red Ribbon Week was “Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Do Drugs, Wear Your Pajamas” here the kindergarten class ‘sleep.’


A black and white look October 29, 2008

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On a cloudy morning with half a foot of snow, the school becomes a black and white portrait.


Keep on Trucking

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About six inches of snow fell Tuesday night, but not enough to cancel school. It was cause for the Nurse Ellithrope to drive a truck on Wednesday.


Dread Ringer

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It’s Red Ribbon and on Tuesday it was “Don’t Dye for Drugs, wear TyeDie.” And there is the wonderful book display courtesy of Ms. Currier.


Paging Dr. Levity, Paging Dr. Levity October 28, 2008

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When students go on a field trip, a first aid kit goes with them. When the Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Jay sent two students to the nurse’s office to return the kit, she added some humor by having the two students dress up as doctors.